Classic Halo games may be heading to PC very soon

The Halo franchise has achieved a lot during its lifetime, including essentially making the Xbox a thing. That’s no exaggeration as Halo: Combat Evolved was a launch title on the original Xbox that catapulted the console to new heights and made people pay attention to this new player on the market. The Xbox 360 had a similar instance with Halo 3 where it pretty much defined the Xbox 360 generation with its monumental release. It’s not the sole cause, of course, but it is one of the biggest ones. The series has now stopped at Halo 5: Guardians and we’re eager to see where the next chapter in Master Chief’s story will take him and I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll hear about it during E3 this year.

But something to get immediately excited about if you’re a PC gamer is that there are subtle hints that the series will come to the platform again with the last appearance being Halo 2 getting a PC version. 343 Industries sent some cease and desist letters to a fan-made mod called Eldewrito (hehe) for infringing on their property which might come across as a bit heavy-handed, but this move might have been done with future intent in mind.  In the blogpost announcing the shutdown of Eldewrito, 343 also said that they’re “very excited about the prospects of an official classic Halo experience making its way to PC”.

This got a bit of a wink and a nod from Xbox boss Phil Spencer on Twitter where he highlighted this quote as well:

So, will we be seeing the Chief on the PC soon? Most likely with Microsoft shifting a lot of attention to the PC, and more particularly Windows 10, market. With Xbox Play Anywhere and all exclusives making their way to PC, it would be no surprise if PC gamers will see Cortana soon. After all, Halo 6 will be contractually obligated to appear on the PC whenever it releases. As for a “classic” Halo experience, the simplest course of action will be to just port the Halo: The Master Chief Collection onto the platform, but that might be too much of an undertaking considering the problems that the collection faced with its initial release. Maybe an HD remake of Halo 3? Maybe even Halo Reach? The possibilities are all out there.

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