Video: Book of the Dead game demo is pushing graphics to the next level

No, graphics aren’t the most important aspect of a game, but it sure helps you transport yourself to some of the most beautiful fantasy locations. Recently we’ve seen God of War and Assassin’s Creed Origins doing some amazing things in the graphics department, but we’ve all been waiting for that next big shift in gaming. You know? That real generational shift with a graphical upgrade. Book of the Dead looks like the first game to be an example of what you can expect in the future.

The below video shows a game demo using ‘Quixel Megascans” textures. Quixel Megascans are high-resolution scans of real-world locations, hence the immense detail. The first demo is running on a very high-end PC using Unity. It looks breathtaking and it’s hard to imagine that we’ve come so far in gaming (or that we can even push it that much further). From 4:38 it switches to an in-game demo running in real-time on a PS4 Pro (720p 60fps). It’s not quite as impressive as the first section in the video, but it’s still worlds ahead of anything else you can currently find on any console. Later on, they show you how they developed parts of the game, and how easily they can construct a scene in 10 minutes.

The future of game development looks exceptionally exciting and with tools like these, it’s going to become very interesting to observe from the sidelines.

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