Steam now allows support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The added Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch are all well and good, but they simply cannot compare to a good old meat-and-potatoes controller for that optimal game control. The Pro Controller for the Switch can almost be classified as essential if you want to play games on the console for extreme periods of time and its design is rather impressive, with a great traditional layout and robust body. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but any Switch gamer worth their salt will consider it a good investment. Now there’s even more of a desire to get one because it can work perfectly well on your PC thanks to Steam adding official support for it.

The newest client update for Steam includes the support for the controller and if you’ve ever tried to use Steam’s controller options, you’d know that’s a very worthy addition. Connecting and using your controller in any game is made incredibly easy thanks to Steam’s software and you don’t have to fiddle with shifty third-party apps in order to get everything working. You just plug it in, go to the controller options, remap buttons if you so desire and you’re off to the races. Steam also included a handy-dandy guide for you to set up your controller right here and bear in mind that you will have to opt into the Steam Client Beta in order for it to work.

It’s a nice new addition to Steam since the Pro Controller is quite capable for use on PC titles and I bet anyone who has spent good money on the controller will be pleased to know that there are more uses for it outside of just using it on the Switch. Unity for all!

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