Retribution was Overwatch’s most played event

While Overwatch is a PVP focused game, it seems players really enjoyed the latest event that sets players against AI. Retribution has been the most played event in Overwatch history, with a “higher participation rate than any prior event”.

While some might attribute the numbers to new players joining in the wake of the Overwatch League, many people were playing because it is one of the few story-related events in Overwatch, showing us what happened and some of the character’s motivations and actions. The event is also a lot of fun with a group of friends, letting you feel like a superhero as you shoot Talon soldiers and crush waves of AI chumps.

Blizzard, in general, is in a good place, with the Activision-Blizzard financial reports confirming that Blizzard has some 38 million active users for the period. World of Warcraft has better numbers than the same time in the last expansion cycle and Battle for Azeroth pre-orders were ahead of expectations (You can thank allied races for both of those!).

Now please, with this event being the most played, can we get more story-related content in Overwatch, please?

Source: PC Games N

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