Overwatch is selling a Mercy charity skin to aid breast cancer research

If you want a cute skin in Overwatch and to support the people that are trying to find a way to stop breast cancer, you are in luck. From now until May 21, Blizzard is selling a charity skin with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Pink Mercy costs R230 ($15) and the skin looks great. Who doesn’t want to see Mercy in pink? Players who log in will get a themed player icon and if you have your Blizzard account linked to your Twitch account you can unlock sprays by watching select charity streams.

There is also a Pink Mercy shirt on the Blizzard Gear Store, with all proceeds from the shirts going to the research body. Blizzard has guaranteed a minimum donation of $250,000 will go to the BCRF. Who knows, maybe Dr Ziegler can help find the cure for breast cancer, we could use a win like that.

For more information on the gear and the various charity streams, head here.


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