Capcom to release two ‘major’ titles by next year March

Capcom is on a bit of a roll recently with superstar game Monster Hunter: World bringing in 8 million shipped units and some of its other major franchises performing excellently like the latest Resident Evil 7.  However, Capcom still has quite the repertoire to draw from with many dormant franchises still yet to receive any love. With E3 just around the corner, it will be interesting to see where the publisher goes from here and there’s no doubt that they have some surprises up their sleeve.

During the company’s financial results presentation, there’s a little bullet point that mentions that they’re going to release two major titles by the end of the next financial year, which is March 2019. In the same presentation, the company reported good numbers and net profits all around thanks to the performance of some of its big titles which reinforces that Capcom is in a rather healthy place.

There was no mention of which franchises these two titles come from and it’s not even clear that they won’t be new IPs, However, the safe bet is that they’re most likely going to be using their existing properties and my money is on a new Devil May Cry game or perhaps something from the Resident Evil franchise such as a Resident Evil 2 remake. Maybe even Dead Rising or a new Street Fighter. We’ll most likely get hints for these titles come E3, so stay tuned.

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