New Battlefield game reveal will take place on 23 May

After the move back in time to World War One there are many players who are hoping that Battlefield will once again return to modern warfare that made it a popular series in modern times. Whether they take the more realistic approach as we’ve seen in recent times or if Bad Company 3 is a reality, remains to be seen. What we do know right now is that we will all find out what the next game will have in store in just under two weeks.

EA just updated its official website with the words ‘MAY 23, 2018’ and ‘#battlefield’. In the URL address bar, you’ll see the words ‘never be the same’, which has us wondering what exactly they could be up to. Is it about to turn into a battle royale as rumours would suggest? As before they’ll host an EA Play booth at E3 where players will be able to try out their various games for the first time and, as they did last year, there will be no EA press conference. Showing a video a few weeks before E3 makes good sense to build that hype machine.

Something that is rather weird is that this image was found in the source code of the new site. Make of that what you want:

One thing is for sure – we think they would have learned from their loot box mistakes last year. Or at least, we hope so.

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