Hunters rejoice for the Switch is receiving Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Fans of the hunting series asked for a few months when they can expect Monster Hunter World on the Switch and then we all received confirmation that this won’t be happening. Not all was lost however as there is still a Monster Hunter title on the Switch. The only problem was that Monster Hunter XX was only released in Japan and although the Switch is region free, it would still be a challenge to read through the game’s menus.

Capcom yesterday announced that western hunters will finally be receiving an English Monster Hunter title on the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Although the game is a port of Monster Hunter XX it will boast the largest catalogue of monsters in the series. Fans can also expect the long-awaited “G” rank as well as Hunter Arts, a style of hunting not included in Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate releases on the 28th of August 2018.

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