Don’t expect new hardware at Sony’s E3 show

The rumour mills are running overtime ahead of E3 launching and the leaks have already started to show. Everyone is wondering what the big three console manufacturers have in store for us during their showcases and Sony have been a particular target for speculation regarding their hardware. There are whispers of the PS5 already, but thinking that they’ll announce it this year would be extremely optimistic at best. Furthermore, according to Sony, there isn’t going to be any hardware announcements of any kind during its showcase.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO, Shawn Layden, made an appearance on the PlayStation Blogcast and confirmed that we’ll be seeing “no new hardware announcements at E3 this year”. Instead, they will mostly focus on their line of existing exclusives and pay attention to what they have available at the moment instead of announcing anything related to the future.

This is interesting in various ways outside of the obvious PS5 rumour shutdown. It looks like there won’t be an updated model of PSVR coming anytime soon, which people have been wondering about considering we’re still in the first iteration of the tech. Also, a fringe case can also be made for something related to a handheld device that could follow up the PlayStation Vita, but that doesn’t look like it’s on the cards either.

It’s actually good that Sony is taking the year to focus on what’s most important; the games. The platform is performing incredibly well and throwing a cog into the machine at this point with new hardware would hurt more than being beneficial. We already know that they’ll be bringing their known stable of upcoming games, but there might be some surprises along the way since they tend to love those.

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