Video: Rage 2 reveal video looks angry

Since Walmart Canada messed up an E3 listing of games on their website the internet has gone into overdrive with what to expect at E3 in exactly a month from today. Since then Bethesda uploaded a bunch of funny teaser trailers showing off clues on their social media pages that links to 14 March. Each image has been filled with the colour ‘pink’ and now we have our first leaked trailer.

Rage 2 is real and an advert has been discovered on YouTube and uploaded to Resetera. Keep in mind that the video below is only a snippet of what the full reveal trailer is expected to show off later today, but from what we can see there are a bunch of angry people who plan to continue the trend of the original game that launched back in 2010. No, don’t expect any gameplay to make a showing just yet as it’s all footage of real people.

Expect to find out more about Rage 2 later today and of course when E3 officially kicks off in June next month.

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