Boss Key Production shuts its doors

The studio behind Lawbreakers, the multiplayer hero shooter that released last year is shutting its door. This was announced via a statement in a tweet by co-founder and developer at Boss Key Productions, Cliff Bleszinski:

While it is always sad to hear about a game studio that failed to gain any momentum, it is hardly surprising that Boss Key Production couldn’t keep the lights on. Lawbreakers was never a bad game, but it was trying to compete with Overwatch, which we all have to admit is a bit suicidal. Boss Key also recently tried their hand at the current global craze and produced battle royale game, Radical Heights. This was, unfortunately, a little bit too late to save the struggling studio. Hopefully, all the talented developers and people that have been working at Boss Key will find their feet soon.

The servers for Radical Heights will stay up for the time being, but it is doubtful that it will stay up for too long.

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