Rumour: Microsoft is making an accessibility focused controller

Giving disabled gamers a chance to play titles that other able-bodied people can play is quite the noble cause. Games should be about inclusion, not catering to one specific type of gamer, but rather provide options and support for those who need it most. Many games of today include accessibility options in their options menus and we have made great strides in trying to make the medium as inclusive as possible. One of the most used pieces of hardware for disabled gamers is the controller and due to its customizability, it’s the favoured route for disabled gamers to take.

The image above has been leaked by Twitter user WalkingCat and has been loosely confirmed by Windows Central to be a new Xbox One controller that looks decidedly different than any other iterations that we’ve seen before. We have two big pads that will presumably be programmable in order to deliver a tailored experience as well as a D-Pad. On top of the controller, there are ports that can allow users to create bespoke controller builds which basically means that other programmable controllers can be plugged in to create an experience tailored to the user.

If this is true, it’s a huge step forward for accessibility. This controller will act as a native hub for gamers that have special needs and it’s fantastic of Microsoft to create such a device. It may seem insignificant to the wider population of gamers, but for those that struggle with debilitating conditions, this is a godsend. It will also help charitable causes that want to bring gaming to those otherwise not able to and that’s always a good thing.

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