Stardew Valley is heading to one of the last platforms, the PS Vita

You may have laughed at the title and rightfully so because the Vita is basically a dead console, no matter how much I have come to love it. But this is exciting news for the virtual farmers out there that own the little handheld. Stardew Valley, the runaway success story that made virtual farming cool again, is releasing on one of the last remaining platforms that it still hasn’t conquered, namely the PlayStation Vita.

This was confirmed by ConcernedApe, the developer of the game, in a blog post detailing the port. It will be cross-buy with the PS4 version, so if you own one of them, you own both of them. That also means that players with the game on their PS4 already will be able to get it on the Vita for free.

It’s a sort of “why not” situation, even if it’s releasing on a console that has been reduced to nothing more than a tired punchline. The game has exploded in popularity in recent times and the definitive portable version right now is the Switch version. The game has remained on the top charts for the platform for multiple weeks in a row and people have been farming like crazy on the toilet already.

I’m actually really happy with this news because I’m one of the few people who owns and loves the PS Vita as well as own Stardew Valley for the PS4. It will probably be a wonderful portable version of the title, but it’s a shame that the PS Vita is still just a dead console.

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