Here’s some official Rage 2 gameplay for you

When Bethesda announced the upcoming Rage 2 most people didn’t take too much notice. Rage wasn’t the best-received game when it released in 2011, so a sequel wasn’t something most people anticipated. Well, it seems like Bethesda had good reason to give this one a bash since the gameplay looks like it could be a lot of fun:

Rage 2 seems to be the strange lovechild between Fallout and DOOM. It combines the open world of the former with the insane and frenetic combat of the latter. It is almost like Borderlands, just less cel-shaded and much more over the top.

Bethesda has been producing some really good single-player games of late which all seem to have a very distinct feel about them, yet they all have their own unique personality. I’m always interested in what they have on offer and although we don’t know too much about Rage 2 just yet, I have to admit I am mildly curious. I guess we have to wait till E3 to learn more.

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