Join the local Pokémon community this Saturday at a park near you

Although many may believe Pokémon GO is dead, the game’s community is still thriving. And yes not just across the world but here in South Africa as well. Over the past few community days, a small group of players have been arranging to meet up at local parks to not only catch the featured Pokémon but also to grant players a greater chance to battle against legendary Pokémon and in turn even acquire Ex-Raid passes.

Since these meetups are hosted at a public park it means a higher spawn rate and a higher chance to capture a shiny Pokémon. This month’s community day features the starter fire-type Pokémon Charmander. During the event, players will also receive three times the amount of stardust and three hour lures. If players evolve their Charmander to a Charizard during the event they’ll also be able to teach their Charizard an exclusive move known as Blast Burn.

So with the next community day looming upon us this Saturday the 19th of May, I’ve reached out to a few of the event organizers and acquired some information as to when and where you can join your local communities. Just showing up and participating is free however if you’d like to win prizes on the day there is a registration fee. Keep in mind that each location is hosted by different local communities which are not associated with Niantic.

Johannesburg – Emmarentia

Pretoria – Botanical Gardens


Cape Town, unfortunately, does not have a dedicated area like the other areas however they do still have a way for trainers in Cape Town to participate and that’s through their Facebook group. So check them out if you’re in Cape Town.

The local groups have also been trying to get the South African community in the top 10 check ins in the world on these community days. The higher the number of players registered for the events, the higher the chance of Niantic noticing the community here in South Africa. All players will have to do is create a Silph Road Travelers Card and have one of the admins check you in at the event.

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