People Can Fly and Square Enix are doing a ‘AAA shooter’

People Can Fly are the people behind the maniacal Bulletstorm as well as the ultra-fast shooter, Painkiller. In terms of first-person shooters, these guys know what’s up. In an age where there were generic military shooters, People Can Fly threw all of that out of the window and crafted an old school trip through bullet-infused mayhem. The company became independent in 2015 and announced an external partnership with Square Enix. Things have been relatively quiet, outside of the recent Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition that released on modern consoles.

In a blog post that detailed the developer opening some new studios in the UK as well as in their native country of Poland, a small little tidbit was added at the end that should have been the main headline:

All three studios and over 150 developers are currently working on a new IP, a AAA shooter developed alongside Square Enix.

This should come as no surprise, People Can Fly are possibly the best people that can work on a major AAA shooter. With People Can Fly at the helm with Square Enix providing support, this new title could be something that we need to pay attention to. Considering the partnership and time it has been since then, the title must have been in the works for a while now and we’re probably going to see some evidence of its existence soon.

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