Sony to end production of physical Vita gamecards in 2019

Oh Sony, why?! Why did you hate your own product so much? It would be fair to say that Vita never really stood a chance to soar through the sky. The Vita had about two years of decent life in it when Sony decided to virtually pull the plug on the handheld that deserved so much more love. Thankfully you can still connect it to your PS4 for Remote Play, but with the missing L2 and R2 triggers it really only helps with a select number of games. Either way, Sony confirmed that they are bringing an end to physical game production of the PS Vita gamecards.

The last Vita physical game will be produced in March 2019, which ties in perfectly with when they said PlayStation Plus will stop supporting Vita and PS3 games every month. If you’re a physical game collector you best buy whatever you can as we suspect it’s going to become hens teeth in the not-too-distant future. Thankfully you can still buy and download a huge number of Vita games on the PlayStation Store, but it requires one of those very expensive memory cards that are even harder to find than physical games these days. *shakes head*

It’s actually surprising that the Vita lasted as long as long as six years and that Stardew Valley is still launching on it. There is yet life left in this little handheld that could.

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