The Burning Question: Have you ever considered insuring your video games collection

It’s to no one’s surprise that we live in a crime rife country from hijackings to kidnapping and home invasions. The last being an especially close one to me having been in a home invasion a few years back. Thankfully the invaders were pushed out the home however one of my family members was shot, don’t worry it’s a good ending as he survived and is fully recovered. A traumatic experience indeed, however, this got me to thinking, more often than not I’ve heard stories of friends and friends of friends being robbed at a bus stop or walking to school. Or even whilst they were at work and school their homes were being vandalised and stripped of their possessions. The reason why I bring up the robbery example is that unlike most countries we don’t have to worry too much about natural disasters such as hurricanes, although a house fire can be something to also consider.

Now, most of the time your possessions should be insured under household insurance but there is a limit or specific value insurance companies can and will pay outright. So the question is if you have already taken out insurance on your video games collection or considering it, how have/would you evaluate the current value of your collection. For instance, would you look at the prices on second-hand goods sites like eBay and take the common listed price? And then, of course, there’s the case of those prices not even being the same value as what you purchased your game or console at. So the other question that’s raised is do you just thumb suck your own value (after all it is your collection) and then there’s the question of, what if something had to happen to anything in your collection would the insurance be able to pay you out enough to re-source the missing items? After all, some items in your collection might just be irreplaceable. An example would be my copy of Pokémon Crystal on the Game Boy Color. That game is pretty easy for my hypothetical robbers to get away with so would I then value that game at a price I believe it’s worth or market value. Then take into consideration that Pokémon games from the first and second generations have become a rarity or overpriced here in South Africa.

Now don’t get me wrong, this post was not to start making everyone with a video games collection paranoid but rather to help my curiosity and learn as to how everyone evaluates their collections.  [Ed’s note: This is not a sponsored post either.]

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