Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s Gunlance

Greetings Hunters, its been thirteen weeks since we’ve begun the weapon tutorials and in this time I hope you’ve taken away at least something useful to aid you in your hunts. This week we’ll cover the final weapon, the gunlance.

Although the gunlance reduces mobility greatly it combines high power output due to its capability of firing shells (think of this like a shotgun) as well as one of the games strongest defensive capabilities. However do keep in mind that shielding and taking a hit consumes stamina and in some cases a bit of damage. The gunlance is also split into three different categories known as normal, wide and long.

Different ammo will grant hunters different play styles and strategies. The wide category gunlance’s offer the hunter a wide spread of bullets but can only fire two shells. The long category offers the hunter a longer shooting range but can only fire three shells whereas the normal grants the most ammo that can be held in a gunlance and is capable of firing five shells. Each of these types will allow hunters to use only one specific type of ammo. Also keep in mind that firing these shells does decrease your weapons sharpness. Let’s take a look at the weapons controls.

Triangle = Thrust (can be combined into a combo of x 3 hits)
Circle = Shelling (firing)
Triangle + Circle = Rising Slash
R2 + Triangle = Upward Attack
R2 + Circle = Reload
R2 + Triangle + Circle = Wyvernfire
R2 = Shield
Hold Circle = charged shell attack

The gunlance might seem slow at first but once you get used to the re-positioning during attacks by hopping around you’ll be able to dodge monsters attacks easily. The weapon also grants a good amount of reach and the shell damage cannot be blocked by monsters meaning it’ll hit straight through any part of the monster. The weapons most powerful and flashy move however is something that hunters will have to focus on doing when an opening appears and is called Wyvernfire. Picture for a moment a cannon being charged up and then a massive explosion occurring from the cannon, this is the Wyvernfire. Personally, I haven’t used the Gunlance much myself as I prefer weapons that grant me an excessive amount of agility but I do know this, being patient and spending time with this weapon can yield great rewards in the form of damage being dealt.

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