PUBG Miramar map to launch 24 May on Xbox One

With 5 million players and counting on the Xbox One version of PUBG, it’s safe to say that even with the issues currently experienced with some players still disconnecting and some FPS stutter here and there, there’s still a lot of people enjoying the battle royale king on console. After extensive testing with the public test servers for PUBG introduced not so long ago, Xbox players will soon be able to fully explore the new desert map Miramar on 24 May 2018 as was announced on an episode of Inside Xbox.

The map is defined by its slightly larger size, lack of cover, high rolling slopes, tall peaks and sprawling sand dunes. This inhibits players from sitting snug in houses or built structures, forcing them to take to the dunes and dole out and endure long-range assaults. With the amount of feedback and data gathered from the experimental test servers most of the bugs and optimisation have been laid down and we should expect the improved UI and matchmaking to ensure ease of map selection. Some reports have stated that framerates have been much improved on the new map already, let us hope the same goes for the crashing.

The third map, Sanhok, is currently in the last phases of fine tuning and prep for official launch. We can expect it to make its appearance on the Xbox platform in about 2 months or so.

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