Ubisoft explains how The Division 2 will be better than the original

The Division had a bit of a shaky start when it released back in 2016. It was a little unbalanced, and the end-game content was considered to be a little underwhelming. Still, it sold pretty damn well and Ubisoft did a lot to improve the game and provide fun and meaningful content in the next two years. Now The Division 2 is on its way and Ubisoft is planning to do it right from the start according to CEO, Yves Guillemot:

We were surprised a little bit by how fast people consumed content. So we’ve been working with the teams to bring a lot of content at launch and to be ready to continue to supply content a lot during the years that follow the launch. We are working hard to make sure we have lots of content available so people can stay in the game for the long run. Very clearly what we call the end-game part was something that [The Division 1] could have improved, and we believe that we’ve got it now [with The Division 2]

So it basically boils down the Ubisoft not being prepared for how hungry gamers are for meaningful and fun content, who knew? Still, it is encouraging to hear that a company such as Ubisoft is learning from their mistakes and planning to improve the gameplay experience for all of us.

Source: Gamespot

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