Rumour: It looks like we’ll be visiting the Moon in new Prey DLC

If ever there was an underappreciated and underrated game that launched in 2017 then Prey was it. The reboot was loved by those who played it, but unfortunately, it was one of those titles that just never grabbed the attention of most players and got skipped for one of the many other great titles in 2017. It’s a shame, as it looks like Arkane Studios have plans to further extend your adventures in space.

Players recently discovered that Prey has new achievements showing up on the Steam version of the game. Since then several Reddit users have done some digging and what they walked away with this gif. It’s obviously moon-related content, but other than that we know nothing else. Don’t be surprised if Bethesda shows this off at their E3 showcase in three weeks time.

For now, if you avoided the game for whatever reason, be sure to give it another chance as it’s one of the better first-person experiences we’ve enjoyed in a while. You can read our original review here.

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