You can now link your Xbox account to Discord

Last week’s Xbox One firmware update allows you to link your Discord profile with your Xbox account. The May Xbox update also includes 120Hz refresh rate support, some nifty video clipping and editing tools, and some other improvements to the consoles UI.

If you’d like to add your Xbox account to Discord, simply go to User Settings and you’ll find the option under the Connections tab. Alternatively, you can go to Account Settings on your console and find the Discord connection setup there under Linked Social Accounts. This makes it possible to track your friends’ activities throughout the day through Discord, whether you can access the Discord chat feature through there though seems highly unlikely as Xbox already have a dedicated chat feature.

For those of you playing your Xbox through a PC monitor or a TV with variable refresh rates, you’ll be happy to know that “120Hz support for 1080p and 1440p output resolutions on Xbox One S and Xbox One X” are now available. This will grant users smoother gameplay and faster reaction times, but you’ll actually need a display that supports this. The update also adds improved family settings, a modern look for the Xbox Accessories App and a faster way to trim your recent game captures directly from the Guide.

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