It look like we’re heading to a WW2 setting in Battlefield V

Yesterday afternoon EA dropped a new teaser trailer for the much anticipated Battlefield V announcement that takes place tomorrow evening. As is expected with most teaser trailers it’s exceptionally short (it comes in at a mere 13 seconds) and if you blink you might miss the clues. In the below particular trailer you have exactly 2 seconds to make out what era its based in and if you’re sharp you’ll pick up that it’s based in the WW2 era.

The flags ((British Union Jack / German Iron Cross) give away the era it’s based on and it looks like the small bit of footage comes from a Conquest round thanks to all the obvious capture points. The other bit of interesting information is that it seems that it’s once again going to be pushed as an Xbox One-partnered title, as you’ll see the Xbox buttons showing up in the HUD. Expect Microsoft to put a major emphasis on this particular title in its efforts to show off the power of the Xbox One X.

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