Say ‘halo’ to the first F1 2018 gameplay video

Since the announcement that the halo will make its first showing in 2018 I have been wondering about one single thing – how will it look when driving a car in the official F1 2018 video game, when that launches later this year? We now finally have our first bit of gameplay footage to answer that very question.

Charles Leclerc, the driver that has made some big waves this year after getting his Sauber in the points (when it really shouldn’t be there), takes us all for a tour around his home track, Monaco. There’s no surprise that it’s Monaco being showed off as it’s by far the most prestigious and one of the most difficult tracks to drive on, but it happens to be the race we will get to watch this coming weekend. Of course, they’ve set him up with the best money can buy, but it’s still impressive to see him handle those corners nearly as well as me as well as he does.

It does seem that the camera is now mounted a little higher so that players can actually view the track over the top of the halo, though he jumps between several other camera angles too. Hopefully, it doesn’t destroy what we consider the best racing game that launched in 2017.

F1 2018 arrives on 24 August for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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