Agent 47’s bald look was the result of hair being too difficult

We have quite a number of iconic looking characters in the gaming world. Mario with his moustache and blue overalls, Master Chief and his armour, Kratos with his white skin and red tattoos etc. One such character is Agent 47, the mysterious killer-for-hire that stars in the Hitman series. His signature look is thanks to his shiny and impeccably smooth bald head that has a barcode tattooed on the back of it. His suit was also a standout feature, but a lot of gamers knew him as the one baldy that drops pianos on people.

However, Agent 47’s bald look was actually the result of the developers not wanting to render hair on the main character due to it being too difficult. At Nordic Game 2018, IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak shared a story about how the assassin’s look came about when they were designing Hitman: Codename 47:

It was just too difficult for the engineers to do hair on the main character back then. I have seen — and it doesn’t look good — but I have seen the original concepts back then of Agent 47 with hair. They chose to make him bald and it kind of worked out well for us. He is our iconic character.

It’s sort of hard to wrap your head around Agent 47 having hair. He’s always been the bald bro of gaming and him having a cropped brown hairstyle like every other male protagonist would now just look weird. It’s the definition of a happy accident.

Source: Destructoid 

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