PUBG Corp vows to fix its game and create new content

As you may have read in a previous article, PUBG Corp and its battle royale game’s concurrent player numbers have fallen drastically even though the numbers are higher than other games on steam. This is mostly due to the fact that the current version of the game still has many issues that have been in the game since its version 1.0 official launch last year.

PUBG Corp made a public statement detailing concerns and plans to improve the game and make up for the promises it didn’t keep with the countless updates that merely added other functions instead of fixing somewhat game crippling issues. In a Steam post, it revealed three areas of focus to try and bring the game up to spec with “performance, server-side optimization, and cheating” as priorities.

Other fixes and performance altering mechanics include player movement, animations, and character models to boost frame rate and produce a smoother running game. The more welcome news is the attempt to look into server-side optimisation to eliminate connectivity bugs and reduce network latency and disconnects experienced by almost every PUBG player. This roll-out plan is only for PC layers though and no mention for what the plan may be on Xbox One, and from the preview we did, they definitely need to look into it, and soon.

You can read the full post here, and hopefully they make good on the promises this time.

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