One battle royale game is suing another battle royale game because… battle royale game

It seems ludicrous that this is happening, but Blue Hole have decided to take legal action against Epic Games for its apparent “carbon copy” of PUBG Corp’s battle royale game. Crazy. Yeah, I know.

It’s just under a year since PUBG Corp. put a claim to the masses that Fortnite was a mere duplicate of the then rising star battle royale game genre. Not sure how you can put a patent on a game mode of its kind, I mean, what if someone could put a patent on first-person shooters? That would be bonkers, right? But this didn’t stop PUBG Corp. Noooo. They are now looking to take legal action against the competition (and the developers of the very engine they use for PUBG) for copyright infringement. They are putting it in the hands of the courts to determine whether there are any… grounds… as to how Fortnite might have copied PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

As a report from The Korea Times mentioned, a PUBG Corp. official had stated that:”We filed the suit to protect our copyright in January.” Epic Games Korea is thought to be the target of the lawsuit as they are in the motions of launching a version of Fortnite for East Asia markets. This might be an absurd attempt to slow down Epic Games’ planned roll out, or maybe PUBG Corp. is just trying to throw its weight around. But, this is Epic Games though. I’m pretty sure they will put up a decent fight.

Maybe they should settle this with a dance-off?

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