Mega Man 11 drops in on 2 October for all formats

Since its initial reveal Capcom’s been very quiet about when our favourite blue bomber will be launching in 2018. They have now thankfully broken the silence and we can confirm that Mega Man 11 will be available on 2 October for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. They announced this via the below video where you get your first look at Fuse Man and Block Man:

Nintendo Switch owners have more to get excited about as an amiibo edition will be made available for pre-order that will include a Dr Wily logo adhesive patch, set of stickers, a rather cool-looking stage select microfibre cloth and a damn fine Mega Man amiibo. This amiibo will very likely also be used in the yet to be revealed Super Smash Bros. game on the Switch and is the first Mega Man amiibo to launch since the more traditional Mega Man amiibo in 2015. Whatever you do – when you see the pre-order going live you best order it. amiibo shortages is now a thing in South Africa too.

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