Ever wondered what Overwatch maps look like from the outside?

Overwatch maps are full of small details relating to characters and events, small alleyways for getting around quickly or finding a nice spot to lay down some suppression, but that detail is often only seen from ground level unless you play Pharah. So what happens if you go outside of an Overwatch map, to places we shouldn’t reach but can with some hijinks?

Noobinabox has made this video to show how beautiful Overwatch is and it really is beautiful. It also reveals a lot about the design of the scenery and what parts are 2D and which have been fully modeled. Also, there are a few oddities, from designer shortcuts of vehicle traffic to uh, whatever the reason is for leaving a trashcan under the floor.

The first half of the video is a showcase of the level design and how beautiful it all is, while the second half is about getting out there and the weird little things that are waiting to be found. Some of the maps look so nice and neat from outside.

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