Your local times to catch all the E3 2018 briefings

That’s right folks, the time has come! This coming weekend E3 will be kicking off and we will get to see exactly what all the developers and publishers are up to. Expect a video game extravaganza that’ll fill the hopes and dreams of many a gamer around the world. The E3 press briefings are always on top of our agenda and now is the time to set your time aside for what is to come.

Should you not be able to watch some of the early morning press briefings, do not be worried, we’ll have you covered with all the big news as and when it drops. For those who plan their annual stay awake – here are your local South African times, along with links where to watch it:

EA Play: 9 June – 8 pm (Twitch, YouTube)

Microsoft: 10 June – 10 pm (Twitch, YouTube)

Bethesda: 11 June – 3.30 am (Twitch, YouTube)

Square Enix:  11 June – 7 pm (Twitch, YouTube)

Ubisoft: 11 June – 10pm  (Twitch, YouTube)

PC Gaming Show: 12 June – 00:00 (Twitch, Official Site)

Sony: 12 June – 3 am (Twitch, YouTube)

Nintendo: 12 June – 6 pm (YouTube)

As always thanks goes out to HookX on our forum who always keeps us all up to date with all local times for press briefings. If you want an image for ease of access be sure to look at this:

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