You have to do more to save yourself from this game, Crying is not Enough

If you’re in the mood to cause many sleepless nights due to unsettling nightmares, then perhaps you should step into the realm of Crying is not Enough, an indie horror game by Storyline Team coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this year, but PC players can start getting goosebumps from 8 June 2018.

The story follows Jacob Helten who has been at his wife’s side aiding her recovery following a car accident. The game has all the sharp pointy things and dark dreary run down claustrophobic settings we expect from a horror game as we see Jacob navigate the hospital after his wife disappears to find that nothing is quite what it seems.


Crazy Doctor? – Check
Mutated patients? – Check
Puzzles to uncover the mystery? – Check
Build up to tense moments? – Check
Asking yourself “why am I playing this in the dead of night with all the lights off?” – Check

After the horrific discovery of what seems to be your typical doctor experimenting on patients unleashing hell on earth with his creations, you’re left to find weapons and follow your moral compass in uncovering the truth and stopping the creator of these mutations all while trying to find your wife. The game is the first of Storyline Team’s offerings headed up by just two developers based in Greece. In the screenshots, you’ll witness what seems to be a good balance of gore and scenarios that will have you wincing in disbelief and dread sleep for a while to come.

PC players can put their diapers on this Friday and unlock the mystery of Crying is not Enough… if they’re brave enough.

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