The Crew 2 gets a season pass, free content update every three months and open beta

We recently took some time to play Ubisoft’s sequel to their original racing game,The Crew 2. We walked away enjoying the game, but do feel that there are one or two things that can do with a bit of improvement. We also have to consider that it’s a Beta and that it could change quite a bit before the game launches at the end of this month. Those who are keen on exploring the open-world will also receive some free content, as well as an expected season pass.

The free content will release every three months after launch, the first being Gator Rush. We think the title alone tells you what the danger will be as you zip over the swamps with your new Hovercraft. Five more vehicles will be introduced as well as “Legendary” rarity level on collectible performance parts for vehicles you already own.  The second bit of content, which releases in December, will be a brand new PVP mode. We expect there to be more free content, depending on the success of the game.

Players who bought the Gold or Motor Edition will gain access to the season pass (though it will be made available separately as well) and it’ll include the following content:

  • Three exclusive vehicles on day one, the Porsche 911 TURBO 3.6, the SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE MK IX and the
  • Seven days early access to the monthly added vehicles, totaling 22 vehicles
  • One exclusive house location as well as two exclusive outfits
  • VIP 20% discount off of the game store

If you missed out on the closed beta last weekend then you’ll have your chance to play the game in an open beta. The date is yet to be announced, but according to the official Twitter account we’ll receive those details at E3:

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