Three best things that happened on the first day of E3

No don’t worry, you didn’t have the longest sleep of your life. Apparently, the official account for E3 thought it would be funny to give everyone a heart attack by talking about Day 1 ending and I thought it was only fair to share that. Sharing is caring, right? So here are the best things that happened at E3 on day one.

Konami’s cake for Hideo Kojima

While Hideo Kojima finished showing off a whole bunch of new goodness for Death Stranding (yes, that bit was amazing, when the guy with the thing did that stuff and you could WOW WOW), Kojima was talking about making the game, his deep-seated love for Mads Mikkelsen and how they are basically living together now and why babies are both precious and a resource, Konami arrived on stage. Security swooped in from the ceiling from hidden trapdoors and before CEO Hideki Hayakawa was whisked off stage, Kojima stopped them when he saw the cake. Konami and Kojima kissed and made up, all while a Metal Gear stomped around on stage. It was glorious.

Terry Crews explains Crackdown 3 delay

While it was pretty sad that Crackdown 3 was getting a delay, the other announcements from Microsoft were SO GOOD. WOW. That new game with the epic music and oh, a return of an old favourite hero. Yes please! Okay sorry, back to Crackdown 3. Terry Crews let out the secret for the game’s delay. His beautiful, bountiful dancing pectoral muscles. Apparently, the mocap studio has been working for months to get the bounce just right and they aren’t happy with the results yet. Terry hinted that he thinks the team just likes seeing him shirtless all the time, but his winning smile said that he doesn’t mind. Terry is great like that. Nine nine!


Nintendo announces DJ Ravi Drums for the Switch

Nintendo has always been a company that does things that blindside everyone. Beautiful games and creative outlets like Labo show that Nintendo is up to things besides making games about Mario and Link. The latest game came out of nowhere and while we never thought it was something we needed in our lives, DJ Ravi Drums looks like a winner with Joy-Cons and HD Rumble, this could be the game that puts all other rhythm games to shame.


What a day. Stay tuned for when it really is day one and we have actual things to be excited about instead of rumours and printing last-minute barcodes to let us into events.

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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