Crackdown 3 officially delayed to 2019

The Crackdown series has always been a bit of a strange sheep for Microsoft. The first one came during the start of the Xbox 360’s lifecycle and was helped massively by the decision to include a Halo 3 beta code with every copy and while it did stand on its own as a fun romp through a futuristic city, it wasn’t necessarily a revolution. The sequel didn’t do much to bolster the franchise as it seemed a little formulaic and was following the footsteps of its predecessor a little too closely. Now, with Crackdown 3, the game just doesn’t want to be released.

Announced today by Microsoft, Crackdown 3 is officially delayed until February 2019 as was confirmed by Windows Central. A representative said that Microsoft wants to “deliver the experience [fans] deserve”, but it also might be because the latter part of the year is already filled with massive releases that may dwarf the title. Additionally, sources have said that the game is “coming along nicely” and that they will be showing the game off again during Microsoft’s E3 presentation.

It feels a bit strange that the game has been promised for the past three years now and has been delayed time and time again. Some very early impressions said that the game feels a little lifeless, but those are just based on a few minutes. Hopefully it will be worth the wait, but confidence isn’t necessarily at an all-time high.

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