E3 2018: EA Play

It’s that time again. E3 kicks off with EA Play and as most would know, you can expect much sports. Many sports and all the sports. Luckily they kept it short and sweet with the sports titles under the EA banner and gave us some news on the things we tuned in to see more about. The show started off with a holographic presentation of Anthem’s Javelin battling a mammoth beast which then led straight into:

Battlefield V

The guys from DICE got to talking about Battlefield V‘s War Stories mentioning moments of “human heroism”. “The war through the eyes of the men and women who shaped the war, real and relatable,” as one of the developers explained. There will be gameplay footage of the War Story Nordy during tomorrow’s Xbox briefing.

“No lootboxes, no premium pass.” These words will be uttered by the developers for a long time to come and we’ll be made aware of it often. What we didn’t expect, but kind of predicted would happen, was the mention of the words: “Royale – reimagined for Battlefield.” So there you have it. Battlefield V will have a Battle Royale mode, but we’ll only know more later this year.


As every year, there’s a new FIFA with more realistic character models and such, but this time they focused more on the introduction of the Champions League to the game. This licence has been in PES hands for quite some time and I’m sure FIFA fans have been dreaming of this day. Alex Hunter makes a return to The Journey and he’ll be chasing the Champions League trophy.

The FIFA 18 world cup mode comes alongside a trial of FIFA 18 across all platforms, that allows players to download and play the full game for free. This comes with the tagline “Every team. Every stadium. Play it free.” FIFA 19 is set for release on 28 September 2018.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

So, they finally admitted that they made a balls up with Battlefront 2 and have noted that they going to improve on their mistakes and try and build the game into something great. They then went on to mention that DICE loved building Ewok Hunt, and Solo content and the Kessel movie is coming to Battlefront 2 next week. There’s also a new Squad system and a new Starfighter mode.

Battlefront 2 will go into Clone Wars content that will include “the largest level we have ever built for Battlefront“. General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi are getting added to the game with the Clone Wars rotation, along with Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker.

Unravel Two

This came as a surprise. A delightful one at that. Yarny returns with a friend on a new co-op platform adventure. The mechanics of the game lends itself to this concept very well and the game seems to be quite a pleasure to play with a friend. Whether it’s online or couch co-op we don’t know yet, but you can go through the story alone.

What’s even more surprising is that Unravel Two is available right now. Like, it’s in the EA Access library already.

Sea of Solitude

EA Originals is the indie playground and we get a glimpse of Sea of Solitude. In the trailer, we see giant monsters, a low-poly style, a huge bloody bird, and a protagonist that seems to be caught in a world of mystery shrouded in confusion. The presenter, a Jo-Mei games developer. expresses her excitement as she tells the story of the creation of the game, how it showcases raw emotional distresses of life such as loneliness and how each little nerve will be triggered by this game.

It really seems like an interesting game to play, especially with what we were told about its make-up. Sea of Solitude is set for release early 2019.

NBA Live 19

Basketball fans who like to strut their stuff both in the grand arena of the NBA and shooting hoops on the street with yo boys will be happy to know that NBA Live 19 will tick all the boxes. Set up squads, kit yourself out in the latest kicks and take on the NBA All-Stars on the sleek pie courts or the beach tarmac courts.

Madden 19

I know sometimes it’s a good idea to change things up, but last years influencer lead team was pure cringe, and it seems the trend is continuing as they started the Madden 19 show off with the introduction of the douchiest level. Don’t worry, I won’t go any further than that.

Madden 19 returns (obviously) and looks to implore even greater graphic detail than before.

Command and Conquer – Rivals

I don’t even know where to start here…

Command and Conquer – Rivals is an RTS game for the mobile phone where you’ll need to capture as much territory as possible to launch a devastating attack on the enemy. This was illustrated with a live performance which gave us enough time to refill on coffee or beer, or, whatever.

Oh, it’s also available right now, if that’s your thing.


“The Anthem is all that remains”  [insert goosebumps here]

Bioware came to the stage and started a Q&A session on stage with Casey Hudson remarking on “what’s the evolution of a Bioware game”. He stated that Anthem is “not an MMO, not a multiplayer with story bolted on the side,” which can be interpreted as a dig at other multiplayer titles who have failed to make an integrated game that fuses both multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay into one neat package.

This is what Bioware is trying to achieve with Anthem, to create a world where both aspects work in harmony with each other. The Anthem world is a shared instance until you return to your home base. The game then shifts to a singleplayer instance.

We get a look at the various Javelins, the mechanised suits you’ll be piloting, namely the Ranger, Storm, Interceptor and Colossus Javelins. The developers also go into detail with the reason for the game’s existence, stating that Anthem of Creation is basically a force that changes and affects the in-game world in various ways, like storms or mutated monsters.

And you’ll be happy to know that vanity items will be purchasable and there will be no loot boxes and no pay-to-win mechanics. We get a few minutes of gameplay with the expected fake comms between the players. The worlds look lush and alive with a variety of enemies and dangerous elements in the way of your mission to find out where an acid substance is located. If I had to sum it up, it looks like they took the Frostbite engine and slapped it on Halo, gave it a bit of Destiny and with a helping of Warframe. It looks amazing and I can’t wait for its release on 22 February 2019.

What were your high points of this year’s EA Play showcase?


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