Vault-tec video series shows off everything you need to know about Fallout 76

Last night and early this morning fans across the world were treated to extended trailers to the much awaited Fallout 76. And thanks to the folks at Vault-Tec and Bethesda we received a few video clips on just what its like to be wandering through the wastelands of West Virginia.

First off and quite possibly the biggest surprise or rather to everyone’s surprise is the fact that “every surviving human is a real person”. So players will have to either “work together, or not, to survive”. However, it’s also been announced that for those who like exploring solo, don’t worry as Bethesda has you covered as there is solo game-play as well where players will be able to take on the story and quests on their own.

Also incorporated in Fallout 76 is the building of bases. However unlike Fallout 4. this time players will be able to not only build where ever they like but also move their bases when they’d like. However don’t become too comfortable in one spot as everyone knows that the wasteland is a dangerous place and your base will be prone to attacks constantly from other players and creatures of the wasteland.

There will also be multiple nuclear missile sites on the map which players will be able to activate so tread carefully as to where exactly you build your base. However, in order to launch a nuclear missile, players will have to scout the land and enemies to acquire these launch codes. And if that’s not enough if you perhaps struggle to find the full code you can team up with other players who may have a grudge and combine your resources to launch the nuke on another players camp.

Check out the Vault-tec videos below taken from Bethesda’s show at E3 2018 which starts at 15 minutes and 54 seconds.

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