E3 2018: Nintendo

So the time finally arrived – the last major conference of E3 2018. Nintendo had the floor, and as has been their preferred method of late, we were treated to a pre-recorded video showcase followed by Nintendo Tree House Live. So what did we get? Going in we expected to see Super Smash Bros., Pokémon and even hoped for some more Metroid 4 information. So were we disappointed or did Nintendo bring it? Well, let’s dive in and find out.

Daemon X Machina

First up we were treated to Marvelous Games’s new colourful action mech game produced by the Armored Core series’ Kenichiro Tsukuda. Weapons, giant flying robots and a lot of action are all on the cards. Scheduled for sometime in 2019.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna — The Golden Country

DLC time – as Xenoblade Chronicles 2‘s story expansion focusing on the land of Torna is shown, due out 14 September 2018. Fans of the game will recognise Torna as Jin’s birthplace and the trailer showed off the visuals many of us have grown to love.

Next, Reggie Fils-Aimé – current president and chief operating officer of NOA – made his usual appearance and after talking about the success of the Switch and especially how you can really play it everywhere, we were given more information about one of the most anticipated titles…

Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee

Having already had the big reveal earlier this month, many of us were really looking for some gameplay action. We did get that later in the Treehouse Live presentation. However, first up we got some more information about the new Pokéball Plus controller, Not only will this be available when the game launches, but every controller will include Mew. That’s right – one of the most difficult to capture Pokémon from the original games will be available from the start and we know that means many will be buying the new controller asap.

Later, during the Treehouse Live segment, we also got confirmation that capturing wild Pokémon will not involve the battling mechanic we have become used to in mainline Pokémon games. Instead, the mechanic of Pokémon Go! has been used. Now, before the hardcore Pokémon fans begin to worry too much about this change, the developers did emphasize that the goal with the Let’s Go games was to develop a Pokémon game for everyone. The barrier to entry has clearly been lowered. That being said, battles still follow the more traditional mechanic during Trainer and Gym encounters and even throwing the Pokéballs will involve some skill – especially later in the story. Finally, the fact that this game looks so great, and really brings back all memories from Pokémon Yellow in glorious 3D, plus the fact that a more fully-fledged game is due in 2019 makes it look like this game will be more than enough to keep Pokémon fans happy until then. Due 16 November 2018.

Super Mario Party

Definitely one of the surprises of the show – and a welcome one at that – was the announcement and trailer for a Switch Mario Party game. Not only did the trailer typify the type of fun you can have with friends (who will become enemies), it also showed off new technology where multiple Switch screens can be lined up and can communicate with each other during certain Super Mario Party games (similar to a rumour that was flying around a while ago). This game looks like the perfect party game and we can’t wait to look silly challenging friends to a tricycle Joy-Con race – and we don’t have to wait too long as the game is due 5 October 2018.

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Slightly delayed (only due Spring 2019), but here to make many strategy top-down Fire Emblem fans happy, the first proper FE game in some time is sure to be popular.  Beautifully animated cutscenes followed by real strategic combat sequences means that this hits all the right notes.


The worst-kept secret came true (go figure) and yes the cartoony Battle Royale game is making its way onto the Switch. The good news is that it is free to purchase and available today. And with all the Battle Royale games that were released during E3 and the general popularity of the genre at the moment, it was inevitable something of this sort would arrive on the Switch. It also seems that visually this is the most Nintendo-like. Cross-play will be possible over various platforms including PC, Mac, XBox and Mobile, but no PS4 for now.

Overcooked 2

Next, Reggie was back to announce some good news for all you multiplayer fans out there, as one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed multiplayer games of the past few years is getting a sequel. The Team 17 title looks like it will bringing all the fun and mayhem we loved about the first game and a few tricks to keep getting all of us aspiring evil-chefs interested once again. Available 7 August.

Killer Queen Black

“Redesigned from the ground-up” this arcade classic is on the Switch and for the first time on a console, two teams of 4 players each can enter the fray. Due “Winter” (our Summer) this year. Later, this title will also be available on PC.

Hollow Knight

Team Cherry’s charming-looking platformer has been due on the Switch for some time, however, the delay seems to have finally come to the end. The good news is that it now includes all expansions that have previously been released and is available today on the Nintendo eShop.

Octopath Traveller

We had already seen a little more about Square Enix’s much anticipated new RPG during their conference. However, today we learned that we would be getting another chance to try the game out before having to fork out some cash. The final game is due 13 July 2018, but on 14 June – just a few days away – we will be getting another demo to try out.

A million current and forthcoming games…

After a quick review of Starlink: Battle For Atlas with the specially-for-Switch Star Fox inclusion, the next few minutes were filled with a plethora of games headed to the Switch in the next while. Included among these are Sushi Striker, FIFA 18 World Cup, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arena of Valor and many many more. For a quick breakdown of each one be sure to watch the full E3 video below starting from about the following time:14:42, but be prepared to take a deep breath, wipe the tears from your eyeballs and strap on for a million games in just a few minutes.

Now that may have seemed like quite a lot of games shown, however, this was barely 15 minutes into the show. For the next 25 minutes, we were treated to (or endured depending on who you ask) everything on Nintendo’s big reveal…

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As mentioned above, the rest of the show involved well-known Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai breaking down the new Super Smash Bros game many had tuned in for. The video is very detailed and contains so much information that it will really be better to watch it for yourself. However, some of the highlights include:

  • The biggest roster of all time. Every single character that has appeared in any other Super Smash Bros. game throughout history is included and so fan favourites like Sonic, DK, Ice Climbers and Snake are now playable. However, only a small roster will be available at the start and the player will have to unlock the others during gameplay
  • Popular characters like Mario and Link, amongst others, have also received new costumes based on their most recent game outings like Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • Character animations and facial expressions have been updated and so characters like Donkey Kong and even Mr Game & Watch look updated and great!
  • Some small gameplay changes have also been implemented including 8-player battles; choosing a stage before choosing fighters (loser getting first choice); Echo players (fighters that are similar to another base player with slight modifications. E.g. Peach – Daisy), Assist trophies (where we spotted Waluigi), and some new stages and techniques
  • Nintendo GameCube controllers will be compatible
  • Inklings and Ridley are new fighters and will also have their own Amiibos
  • Launch date: 7 December 2018

And that is that! So despite what many thought, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will not be launching along with Nintendo’s paid online service (which we also heard nothing about). Also, we heard nothing of Metroid 4 which is very disappointing and to me, the Smash video segment went on for just too long. That being said, Super Mario Party is coming and Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee look like they will be a lot of fun and so I can’t be too disappointed.

So what’s your verdict – did Nintendo steal the show? Let us know in the comments section below.

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