Cyberpunk 2077 will be a first-person RPG

It’s odd just how significant a change of perspective can be. Outside of the philosophical discussion that can be had with that statement, changing perspectives in games can also change the feel of the entire game. I remember when GTA V received its first-person update and how that changed the whole game for me when I decided to exclusively play in that mode. There are various benefits and concessions with using a particular style of perspective and the choice to do it in one way or another can be a monumental one for the direction of a game.

CD Projekt Red made the surprising announcement that Cyberpunk 2077 will be a first-person RPG and this seemed to have ruffled the feathers of many of their fans. We are used to them delivering third-person games, with The Witcher series being entirely in that perspective. For some reason, all of us just kind of assumed it was going to stick to that perspective, but evidently we judged way too quickly. Peter Gelencser, level designer on the game, sat down with IGN to discuss this change in perspective and addressing the fan concerns.

Galencser said, “First and foremost, I really enjoy all the attention the subject is getting, because it’s important. This has been an educated decision. The first-person point of view is there so you can see things happening up close, and so you can really interact with things in a visceral manner. with the game world.” further adding, “it worked out well with our exploration of the genre.”

Talking more about perspective, he said, “Third-person works well in games like the Witcher when you have a lot of motion and movement around you. But when all the things happen to you, from you, within you, first-person point of view is the right decision to take, especially because of the augmentations.” And he’s right. First-person perspectives grant a whole new feeling of immersion as you get to see the world up close and personal and also living yourself into your character. I’m fully behind their decision to go this route and this coming from a guy who has built a Witcher 3 shrine and plans to get a Geralt bodypillow.

Change your perspective sometimes, it’s refreshing.

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