The Behemoth has been summoned in Monster Hunter World

In Monday’s Square Enix conference (which I’m still salty about) we caught a little glimpse of a crossover with Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV which can be seen again in the trailer below:

Yesterday, Capcom released on its Monster Hunter YouTube channel a trailer showing off a new Monster invading Astera from the Final Fantasy world. The fearsome Behemoth. Prepare yourselves hunters as this won’t be your ordinary time based battles nor will you be able to use magical skills. In Monster Hunter, it has always been hunt or be hunted and the Behemoth looks menacingly dangerous. We also get to see another Final Fantasy creature, the Cactaur who jumps up from out of the ground. Since the trailer shows the hunter in a clueless manner to seeing the Cactaur, it’s unclear as to what purpose this creature is here for. Perhaps it’ll be your felyne’s new skin. Check out the reveal trailer below of the next free update coming to the world of Monster Hunter World:

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