Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot gets an official trailer

During the Bethesda Press conference, we got some news that they’re working on a Virtual Reality game set in the recently rebooted Wolfenstein Universe called Cyberpilot. The conference really didn’t say anything, other than it being a game that will be in VR, and will involve some hacking puzzles and so on.

Well, now we have a trailer that shows us a bit of the game and what we can expect when we dive straight into our Wolfenstein VR experience:

The gameplay mostly shows you taking control of some of the machines that you encounter in the games that came before it, but it looks intriguing. It looks like it might be a bit slower paced than the main series, but it should be enjoyable enough, since you know, you get to kick Nazi ass!

It’s funny how the publishers play this marketing game, telling us about something and then not showing much just to make sure all the limelight was on another announcement. Either way, we’re glad that Bethesda decided to show us a bit more about Cyberpilot, that looks like it could be an interesting take on the Wolfenstein Universe.

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