Call of Duty 4 Black Ops 4 just has a season pass, no individual DLC packs

A sort of running theme throughout E3 was multiplayer titles promising that all players will be getting free DLC as the game progresses. Battlefield V made a big deal of having no Premium Pass or lootboxes, The Division 2 features multiple episodes throughout Year One that will be available to all and most other multiplayer titles had the same trajectory. It seems that the industry has finally caught up with the fact that having paid DLC in games divides the player base and that these old-school methods of paid content isn’t the way forward. However, it seems that the Call of Duty franchise is still very much stuck in the past.

The game will feature a season pass that delivers all the usual bells and whistles such as maps, zombie campaigns and some new characters for the Blackout mode. The interesting thing to note here is that players will either need to have the season pass or nothing at all. In the past, DLC was divided into packs and could be purchased individually, but this won’t be the case anymore. If you have the Black Ops Pass, that’s the only way you’re getting the extra content.

It’s sad that a major franchise like this isn’t following industry trends, but if you have a money printing machine, why throw a wrench in it? I suppose a good thing is that it’ll only be one definitive dividing line in the player base instead of scattered instances, but that’s definitely no excuse considering this will be a multiplayer-only title.

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