The Last of Us is five years old. And it sold very very well

Naughty Dog announced via a tweet that The Last of Us, one of their most well known games, has sold over 17 million copies since it launched five years ago. This is really good for a game that originally sold only on one console, and then later on its predecessor:

It certainly helps that it was re-released on the PS4, since there’s probably a lot of people that bought the game a second time, but there is no doubt that it sold very well. It is the kind of sales that most studios can only dream of, and it comes as no surprise then that The Last of Us Part II, is one of the most anticipated games to be shown at E3 this year. It’s also hard to believe that The Last of Us has been part of our lives for half a decade already.

I remember taking the day off to play The Last of Us on release. Played it non stop over the weekend, simply because it was that good. Here’s hoping that Part II lives up to the legacy of it’s predecessor.

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