Crash on Nintendo Switch all thanks to lone developer…

There’s quite a lot of excitement around due to the imminent release of the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy on the Switch. It’s been awhile since any Crash game has been on a Nintendo platform, and the original three titles included in the current ‘remaster’ have never made the cut before, so the upcoming release is big news. And if a video released by Nintendo World Report TV is to be believed, we have a single engineer to thank for the Switch port – the Lone Developer, if you will.

According to the video, a Nintendo Switch fan on the Vicarious Visions team spent some personal weekend time attempting to get the first level running on the Switch. Once the rest of the team saw the work in progress they were convinced that the Switch port was something they could definitely manage.

However, given the runaway success of the Switch (and discounting any of the early licensing issues), I find it a little hard to believe that the current owners of the Crash Bandicoot brand did not plan to have a port of the remastered game on the Nintendo hybrid console at the very start of the development or at the very least pretty early in the planning process. Nevertheless, the idea of a lone developer, porting the game to the Switch single-handedly and then riding off into the sunset, sure does make for a better story, and even if only partially true – I for one am very grateful for his work.

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