Former SOE president lets us know why Sony is blocking cross-platform gaming

Sony’s refusal to allow cross-platform play is infuriating. It’s such an easy thing to implement and it brings along unity to gamers everywhere because the dividing line between many of us can be crossed so simply. Let everyone play together, it’s not that difficult. Evidently, it is for Sony, but the reason for why is equally as infuriating. Former Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley had some insider info for why cross-platform play has been restricted on the PS4 and it’s a surprisingly simple explanation.

Money. That’s it. No “we want to maintain the safety of our player base” or whatever PR spin you can give to this situation, but just that cold hard cash. We probably had to figure that this was the reason all along, but I didn’t think they’d be so boring in their reasoning. I love Sony more than anyone, but this is a slap in the face for gamers everywhere and even more so considering they just up and lock accounts in games such as Fortnite so that you can’t play anywhere else.

Sony needs to wake up and smell the roses, considering their competition is doing this cross-platform thing swimmingly. Even Nintendo, which has always been a walled garden of Mario is embracing this with many of their big multiplayer titles. Microsoft up and merged two entire platforms so that you can play your games on both your Xbox One and on PC. Sony needs to be very careful with this as their weak excuse will pull the fire of gamers and cause them to wander off somewhere else for their multiplayer fix.

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