Insomniac plans to outclass everyone else with its photo mode for Spider-Man

Something that is almost expected when it comes to PlayStation’s first-party games is a solid photo mode. So it comes as no surprise that Insomniac is planning to implement the feature in the upcoming Spider-Man.

There’s also a bit of internal rivalry going on, with Insomniac stating that they’re all trying to beat other first-party titles, and that they have their sights set on the recently released God of War:

“Every Sony first-party game has to up the other one. So we’ve got to beat God of War now… It’s like a big, weird contest.”

The photo mode trend only really started with the current generation of consoles, and it became a must-have for certain types of games, like the open world epic adventure games and racing sims. One could argue that one of the best photo modes came from Horizon Zero Dawn, which inspired a ton of fan-made content and snaps all over social media. Insomniac has a great chance to do something special here, especially if you consider the photographer pedigree of Spider-Man’s alter-ego, Peter Parker.

Source: PlayStationLifestyle

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