PUBG is getting a very F2P sounding Battle Pass system

Do you get the feeling that you aren’t spending enough money on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Never feat, PUBG is getting time-limited progression systems just out of your favourite free to play title to help you spend your money.

PUBG’s Battle Pass looks a lot like the battle pass system that is apparent in so many free to play titles and while you can technically use the Battle Pass for free, the rewards you get out of it are severely limited until you add in your credit card details. Winner winner ka-ching dinner! If you don’t pay for the battle pass, all of the rewards, bar one of your choosing, disappear into the void. So you can participate in the pass, unlock some loot and then pay for it, or just get a single item from the list of things you “earned”.

Turns out that it was either this system or purchased map DLC, and we all know how well multiplayer games go when you divide the player base into the have and have-not camps.

At one point, we actually considered the option of releasing new content in paid DLC format, including new maps. However, we came to understand that this method has some critical drawbacks. Mainly, it divides the entire player base into separate groups depending on whether they’ve purchased map DLC. It would also keep a huge portion of players from enjoying the biggest additions to the game. As such, at The Game Awards 2017, we promised that all battle royale maps will be provided to all of our players for free, not as DLC.

The first battle pass arrives tomorrow with the launch of Sanhok. There are daily, weekly and Sanhok-specific missions set for around four weeks, with a Sanhok themed item set up for grabs (or just one item if you don’t fork out money.)

Source: PUBG

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