Divinity: Original Sin 2’s definitive changes make me want to replay the game

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an amazing game. Hell, if it weren’t for some bugs in the questlines that caused things to fall apart despite having the right item in your inventory to hand in, I think it would have been my game of the year last year. Since I finished the game I wanted to revisit it and I think the definitive edition release on August 31 is where I will be diving back in.

The list of changes they are implementing with getting the game ready for the console version is pretty long, so long that they made a 15-minute video to explain what is going on. Besides graphics optimisations, balance changes and those things you expect from a definitive edition, the fourth act of the game is getting a serious rework to make sure that the endgame and epilogue gives as many players as possible the best experience possible. A major rewrite to add motivations, more use of the game’s Tag systems to help with character-appropriate decision making and some new battles await in the endgame.

The very beginning of the game is also getting some attention to help teach players the various systems that make up the game before being abandoned at Fort Joy. The quest journal is also being reworked to make it easier to work out what quests are important now and what is only applicable to a faraway location.

A free DLC is on the way too, involving a Squirrel Knight that uses an undead cat as a mount. Sir Lora needs help on a quest to save the world from the coming of the Great Acorn, which sounds silly and amazing.

The Definitive Edition is a free update for anyone who already owns the game and releases on August 31. I wonder who I will play this time. The Red Prince is amazing. Speaking of the prince, each main character will have a personal theme that develops through the game.

You can read more about the changes over on Kickstarter.

If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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