Turns out EA isn’t that evil, they take care of their indie developers

It’s almost a truism in the gaming community that EA is the devil. The publisher has been screwing us over ever since they have started being a major player in the gaming industry with their shifty business practices, closing down or ruining beloved studios and just generally being the worst. They “won” the award for Worst Company in America many times against companies that have literally taken people’s livelihoods away. It’s surprising just how much ire one gaming company can attract, especially from such a vocal community such as ourselves. However, I don’t believe EA is evil, just gloriously misguided and too focused on financial gain. Also, according to people involved in their EA Originals program which focuses on indie developers, they’re not that bad at all.

Josef Fares, the director for A Way Out that was part of EA’s programme that found great success, told VG247 that despite EA’s reputation, they take care of the people they support. Here’s what was said:

I would love to release some internal emails. I think people would be jaw-dropping surprised if they saw the internal emails – at least the way I’m being treated by EA. Super good support. I know nobody believes this. I say this all the time, every publisher fucks up at some point – Microsoft, Nintendo, I don’t care who. And here’s the thing, when you’re in the industry people jump around all the time. It’s all bullshit. The only thing we should care about is good games.

Fares isn’t blind to EA’s antics either as he is also against the practices that EA tried to implement:

It’s also important to react when there’s something to react to. I do think that lootboxes, you should be like, ‘What the fuck is this?’ There should be a reaction. As long as we can focus creatively on what we’re doing, it’s super good.

EA Originals is a wonderful programme for indie developers as they get to keep 100% of the profits and EA just helps with marketing and making the game known. It’s almost like a piece of charity work from the developer and if Fares is to be believed, EA isn’t completely dead on the inside. They have started changing their ways with Battlefield V not having lootboxes or a premium pass and sort of listening to the outcries following the whole Battlefront II debacle.

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