New Skyrim VR patch adds some impressive updates to the game

In the world of PlayStation VR you aren’t going to find games much bigger than Skyrim VR, which is basically the entire game in a VR environment. Next to Resident Evil VII and Moss there is little else that’ll immerse you as much as this does. Yet, as our review originally detailed, there have been some minor issues in the graphics and Move controller departments. Out of the blue Bethesda has released a new patch that brings in some big changes.

This bit of news comes via the official Bethesda forum, where the patch notes have been revealed. Here is what you can expect with the new patch as soon as you start the game up:

  • Added a new main menu experience
  • Globally improved visual fidelity, particularly on PS4 Pro
  • Increased the maximum value for the height offset slider
  • Various bugfixes
  • Changes when using PS Move controllers:
    • In direct movement, changed the secondary X button to move the player backwards.
    • Added a new option, enabled by default, to “Show Hands When Sheathed”
    • Sheath/unsheath has been moved to hold secondary O.
    • Adjusted angle for spell targeting to be more comfortable
    • The existing swimming has been moved to a new option for “Realistic Swimming”. Swimming by default now uses Direct Movement style controls
    • Added option for HMD-relative direct movement instead of controller-relative direct movement.
    • Added a new option for “Realistic Bow Aiming” which uses both PS Move controllers to aim
    • Players can now point at map markers and get information on them in local map mode
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